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Mis-sold Mortgages

How much does this cost?

We operate on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis. If your claim is successful we charge 25%+VAT. This is deducted from your claim on completion.


How much compensation can I expect to win?

It depends. The maximum is £50,000 per borrower on the mortgage. We’ll have a better idea once your case has been assessed fully.


Why don’t I do this myself?

There is nothing stopping you submitting a mis-sold mortgage complaint and claim by yourself. Our team of financial and legal experts can also do this for you. In our experience having professionals on your side not only makes the process easier but makes the chances on success higher. A huge number of mis-sold mortgage claims are rejected, generally from members of the public attempting this themselves.


Is this just like a PPI claim?

No. A mis-sold mortgage claim is much more complex. If we find you have been mis-sold PPI as part of your mortgage product then obviously this will form part of the claim.


What are the chances of success?

We’ll know this once we had a look at your case in detail. Speak to us to find out.

Will making a claim affect my existing mortgage?

No. Not in the slightest. Typically claims are made against either the original broker or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, not your lender directly.

Negative Equity

What is negative equity?

Negative Equity is when you owe more on your home than it is worth. It’s very common in the current market because of the property bubble, a more relaxed attitude to lending at that time and the subsequent crash. A lot of people bought their homes at inflated prices, with substantial mortgages, and now find they have an issue if they need to sell.


What do Shelbourne Financial Solutions do?

We provide advice and representation for homeowners in negative equity. This can involve negotiating with banks and building societies, on our customers’ behalf to achieve aims such as term extensions, sales and debt settlements.


Who are Shelbourne Financial Solutions?

We are a newly formed company based in Newry which aims to bring solutions to a range of financial problems that borrowers currently have, mainly arising from the impact of the financial crisis of 2008. We have assembled a team of experts to help us from accounting, banking, legal and insolvency professions.

How much do you charge?

It depends on what you need. Our initial consultation is free – we like to start here as in some cases customers simply need some general direction rather than in-depth advice. Where appropriate we complete a case review and further advice, presenting a professional opinion and exploring all of the options to hand – this service costs £300. Should a customer also require representation with their lender ie they have decided to sell their property and settle the remaining debt further fees can range from £3,000 – £5,000 depending on the nature of the case and time involved. There are flexible payment terms available we’ll only take on your case if we are certain of a favourable outcome.